Design studio Dunc

The New Motion

Lolo 3

The Lolo and Lolo pro are charging stations designated for charging all types of electric vehicles at home or company locations.

By applying the latest charging technologies, the vehicle battery will be recharged much safer and quicker compared to its predecessors. With capacities up to 22 kWh the charging process can be executed eight times faster than ordinary in-home sockets. In addition, the charger offers ‘Lolo charge management’ which enables user-friendly online management.


The capsule-shaped design generates a soft and neutral form, reflecting its durable and eco-friendly characteristics. The use of a darker and recessed back shell causes a somewhat slimmer appearance and provides space to enfold the optional charger cable. The softly embossed round antenna symbol indicates the location of an RFID card reader. In fact; all features that require user interaction are round-shaped which causes a friendly and timeless expression.

The previously mentioned design aspects combined with the omission of colors results in a product that ensures a proper matching and inconspicuous placement within any type of environment.